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Our mission is to transform steel solution!
The Cedisa is featured in Brazil by the high standard of quality of its products and services. Its plant in the State of Espírito Santo has ISO 9001 certification, adding more value and quality for your final product. With units in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Pernambuco, meets throughout the Brazilian territory.


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Angle Bars, Bars, Beam, Cuts Of High Definition, Cutting And Folding, Expanded Metal, Girders, Pipes, Plates, Reinforcing Bars, Steel Coils, Steel Tiles, Welded Beam.

Proven quality worldwide

ISO is a standard that establishes requirements for Quality Management System (QMS) of organizations in general. Implemented properly, these requirements generate more confidence that the company is able to provide quality their products and services. There are several benefits to the certified company and that impacts directly on customer benefits. Some of these are standardization and process improvement, better meet customer needs in a way that seeks continuous satisfaction, among others.

The CEDISA is certified in ISO 9001 for ten years, and continually seeks to improve its processes and consequently the standard of quality offered to its customers.


The National Petroleum Industry Organization (ONIP) acts as a forum for coordination and cooperation between operating companies, production, refining, processing, transportation and distribution of oil and oil products, suppliers of goods and services in the oil sector, government agencies and funding agencies.

Contribute to increased competitiveness and sustainability of the domestic industry to maximize local content and to generate jobs and income in the oil and gas sector. » See certificate